HLP Empowerment Solutions

Our aim is to create a learning culture within companies.
We believe in transforming communities.


  • Skills Development, Training and Social Upliftment initiatives is our passion and the forefront of our business.
  • By creating innovative solutions that differentiate us from our competitors, we pride ourselves in establishing life-long partnerships both locally and internationally.
  • Our team implements professional operational solutions based on a set of strategic goals that enables us to apply direct focus on each company at hand.
  • At HLP Empowerment Solutions we have reintroduced the effectiveness of continuous redevelopment to align with our clients’ specific needs.
  • Our company culture of commitment to excellence combined with our passion for every component of the business and its workforce, ensure the success of each unique project we take on.

“Getting into the right Enterprise Supplier Development (ESD) Programme has the potential to be life changing for a business”

We provide the following Solutions:

Our Services

Skills Development Facilitation (SDF)
Application for Special Projects
Training Assistance Program
Retrenchment Assistance Programs
Unemployed Projects
B-BBEE Consulting
Supplier & Enterprise Development Spend
HLP Training Academy

HLP Skills Development

Skills development is:

  • The process of Identifying your skill gaps,
  • Developing these skills.

“… In goal achievement, your skills are your tools”

In today’s age of globalisation and technological volatility, skill building is an important instrument to increase the efficacy and quality of labour for improved productivity and economic growth. Skill building is a powerful tool to empower individuals and improve their social acceptance.

HLP Special Projects

Unemployed Learnerships
A Learnership is a program that allows suitable students or unemployment graduates to obtain opportunities to learn more than just classroom-based learning. In another words, preparing learners to obtain a clear understanding about the necessary business know how’s to master and widen their path for employment opportunity.

Our unemployed learnership programs are structured, short term contractual interventions which encourage job creation and promote talent development.
Learners who take part in these programs will benefit from gaining critical, functional and behavioral competencies which contribute significantly to the learner’s employment marketability. On completion of these programs and respective academic studies, many of the participating learners transition into full time employees.

We partner with various SETA’s to ensure that the Skills Development Strategy is aligned. We also recruit learners as per the client’s needs.

HLP B-BEE Consultation

  • We give expert advice and instant access to documents and credentials required by rating agencies and auditors when doing evaluations.
  • We prioritize maximizing your financial spend towards your B-BEE score card.
  • Skills development is an easy way to gain points. Succeeding here will not only help with your score but will also give your business the skills it requires while lowering unemployment and therefore contributing to the economy of South Africa.
  • Implementing a Skills development solution is essential to making these programs a success.
  • You can earn 8 points if you invest 6% of your payroll on the training of black people. This percentage used to be 3%.
  • Another 4 points can be received if you spend 0.3% of your total payroll on learning programs for disabled black employees.
  • By participating in Leanerships, apprenticeships and internships you can claim 4 points if 2.5% of your staff is enrolled on such programs and another 4 points if 2.5% of your company’s headcount are black unemployed learners.
  • You earn an additional 5 bonus points if all you unemployed learners will be gainfully employed at the end of the Learnership.

HLP Employment Equity

Assisting employers by increasing their BBEEE rating, creating fair and equal opportunities for all staff through various strategic interventions as well as ensuring legal compliance with the Employment Equity Act

Our services include:

Review of current Employment Equity Plan;
Assistance with the development of Employment Equity Plan;
Submission of Employment Equity report to the Department of Labour;
Facilitation of any conflict relating to Employment Equity;
Nomination and appointment of the Employment Equity committee members;
Training of the Employment Equity committee;
Facilitation of the Employment Equity Committee Meetings;
Development of the Employment Equity Analysis;
Alignment of certain positions and recruitment to reach the targets of the Employment Equity Plan.

HLP Enterprise and Supplier Spend

Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) Explained:
In the context of South Africa, ESD refers to a set of affirmative action and local content development measures aimed at promoting economic transformation. Under the revised B-BBEE Codes, ESD refers to the combination of Preferential Procurement, Supplier Diversity, Supplier Development and Enterprise Development programs.

Preferential Procurement
(25 +2 points) is a national policy aimed at public and sector procurement to buy goods and services from previously disadvantaged individuals or businesses.

Supplier Development
(10 points) is the process of working with certain suppliers on a one-to-one basis to improve their performance for the benefit of the buying organisation, leading to improvements in the total added value from the supplier in question in terms of B-BBEE rating, product or service offering, business processes and performance, and improvements in lead times and delivery.

Enterprise Development
(5 points) is an economic development strategy that is underpinned by building SMMEs, and integrating them into competitive markets that are stronger and more inclusive.

Enterprise development is achieved by monetary and non-monetary, recoverable and non-recoverable contributions actually initiated in favour of a beneficiary entity by a measured entity with the specific objective of assisting or accelerating the development, sustainability and ultimate financial independence of the beneficiary.

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